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As startups are experimenting a tough period, we want to bring all the key resources you may need, classify them and make sure you do not waste your Time while scrolling all the web.



from investors & entrepreneurs 

Endeavor's Resources on COVID-19's Impact on VC & Fundraising

Endeavor has gathered practical advices from investors to adapt to the current crisis and give you some forecasts about fundraising prospects.

10 Survival Tips for African Startups in a Corona World - From

Idris Bello, experienced investor and entrepreneurs across Africa has shared some tips and advices on his blog.

Funding in the Time of Coronavirus

Prospect from Mark Suster at the SaaStr conference

General Insights

Report about the 80 innovations created during the Covid-19 Crisis in China - Produced by the French Foreign Trade Advisors un China (CCE Chine)

Public initiatives

Public initiatives 

Public stakeholders are taking measures and providing insights to help businesses overcome the crisis. We are gathering it all in a single space.

South Africa

The Western Cape Government in South Africa is gahering resources to help local businesse find accurate information and responses.

Other initiatives

Initiatives set up by private stakeholders to match startups with corporates needs, access free tools during the crisis period and much more.


Tél : 01 23 45 67 89


Tél : 01 23 45 67 89


Tél : 01 23 45 67 89

Fraser consulting has shared through a Google Doc the funding and non-financial opportunities for SA small businesses

In order to conduct a rapid assessment on which facets of life are most stressed, BFA Global deployed a "dipstick" online survey on Mar 25 and Mar 26 across seven countries. This dashboard and associated blog present the findings of that survey exercise.

Matchmaking platform between corporates facing specific problems in the wake of Covid-19 and startups able to offer their solution.

The Runway fund aims to invest in early-stage startups to help them during the COVID-19 crisis at the condition that they already raised funding

Vital Capital, an impact investor focused on companies in sub-Saharan Africa, announced a new debt facility providing loans to promising businesses to help them get through the coronavirus pandemic while continuing to offer essential services.

The Sukuma Relief Program is offering financial aid in the form of an unsecured interest-bearing loan of between R250, 000 and R1 million coupled with a non-repayable grant of R25, 000 per qualifying business to south African businesses.

The website VC Cafe has gathered more than 100 startups that are offering their services for free, some of them may be directly useful to adapt your business and spare money.

Other initiatives

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