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The VC

Every year, AfricArena invites key Tech investors during the regional summits to connect and work around their main challenges via the Digital Collective Africa. More than 65 investors, from Africa, Europe, the US, and Japan took part in the 2023 edition.

About The  VC Unconference

The mission of the Unconference is to provide an informal participant-driven meeting, giving an opportunity for an unfiltered exchange of innovative ideas and collaboration within the ecosystem all aimed at easing and enhancing the process of investing on the continent.

In partnership with 


Upcoming  VC Unconferences

1.  CVC Morocco Kalyptus (Eventbrite size) .jpg

AfricArena 2024 CVC Unconference in Marrakesh, Morroco

Bringing together local and international investors with the aim to enhance the way that investing is done in the African continent. 


Mapping the ecosystem within the African technology ventures

Creating a standardized knowledge data room

Establishing investment best practices, systems and processes

Facilitating co-investment opportunities, deal syndication and ecosystem cohesion 

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