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Gender Diversity

During AfricArena Unconference in Kenya in September 2023, a crucial topic emerged around the need to amplify investment in female founders. In response Digital Collective Africa has taken proactive steps towards fostering diversity and inclusion within the tech ecosystem.

About The Pledge

We have crafted the following pledge, along with specific fund-related objectives, aimed at driving meaningful change. Your endorsement of this initiative would be invaluable in advancing our shared commitment to empowering female entrepreneurs. We would be honored to have your esteemed endorsement for this endeavor. Your support will play a pivotal role in creating an ecosystem that truly champions diversity and unlocks the full potential of African innovation.


If you are an Africa-focused fund manager or ESO please fill this form and click on the call to action to sign the pledge.

What is your target in terms of 12 months rolling investment in startups with at least one female in the founders' team (she must hold equity) for December 2023 and December 2024 (between 0% and 100%)?

*This voluntary Pledge is merely a starting point. We believe that by putting a stake in the ground, and publicly declaring our commitments, we will create a baseline. We hope that venture capital firms will aim high, and there should be no shame in missing a target. The most important measure will be that the trend line scales rapidly upward in future years.

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