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Africa tech is on the rise and an increasing number of funds are dedicated to financing ventures across Africa. However, practices have proved to be very different between investors, lacking transparency, creating frustrations, and a waste of time. As a collective, we are committed to creating common practices and tools.

 Due Diligence  checklist

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What can you expect as an entrepreneur during the due diligence process? As a collective we propose a standard list of requirements to help entrepreneurs be ready and reduce the time required before an investment.


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Standardized Term Sheets 


Access to a single, country-adapted terms sheet with explanations, recommendations from the members of the collective.


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Discover a large list of VC funds and alternative funding resources and find those which are the most relevant to finance the growth of your business.

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African tech hubs have been growing but there is little transparency on what incubators and accelerators really offer, what are their specifications and main assets. The list is not comprehensive but we believe that it can become very useful if we collectively complete it.