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The Governance

Over 12 organizations have stepped up to contribute to the creation of this guidebook, bringing together direct research on existing best practices, practical expertise, new and existing resources, and applicable templates to provide a high-level succinct guide to early-stage startup governance.

About The Governance Toolkit

This document is aimed at establishing best practices for venture-backed companies and is useful for:


  • Startup Founders building scalable and valuable businesses and seeking best practices to implement and adopt.

  • Investors seeking to understand, adopt and implement best practices for their portfolio companies and in their roles as Directors for venture-backed startups

  • Other Stakeholders seeking to understand, adopt and implement best practices for the governance of venture-backed startups

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Endorsements of DCA Governance Toolkit 2023 Edition

We have crafted the following toolkit, along with specific fund-related objectives, aimed at driving meaningful change. Your endorsement of this initiative would be invaluable in advancing our shared commitment to empowering female entrepreneurs. We would be honored to have your esteemed endorsement for this endeavor. Your support will play a pivotal role in creating an ecosystem that truly champions diversity and unlocks the full potential of African innovation.


If you are an Africa-focused fund manager or ESO please fill this form and click on the call to action to endorse the governance toolkit:

Thanks for endorsing!

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